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Nandelstädt, T. (2008): Guiding the Coast - development of guidelines for integrated coastal zone management in Germany. IKZM-Oder Berichte 44

The objective of this thesis was to develop guidelines for ICZM in Germany in order to reduce or eliminate weaknesses in ICZM and enhance the German ICZM process. To arrive at these guidelines, research questions on major gaps, assessments of foreign ICZM strategies, evaluations of the German ICZM project IKZM-Oder as well as other local projects, and formulations of guidelines were addressed. First, a gap analysis was conducted to identify and quantify the gaps of the German ICZM process. Thereupon, both a top-down and a bottom-up approach were performed. The top-down approach derived lessons learned for the formal implementation of ICZM in Germany from ICZM strategies of Belgium, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The bottom-up approach examined three regional/local ICZM projects and extracted best practice experiences for the German ICZM process. On the basis of all findings, guidelines for the German ICZM process were developed.
1IKZM_Oder_Berichte44_Nandelst_dt.pdf3.369.347IKZM-Oder Berichte 44: Guiding the coast
2nandelstaedt_ikzm_leitlinien_080725.pdf475.032Nandelstaedt (2008) - IKZM Leitlinien - Deutsche Zusammenfassung

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